I would like to thanks Camelbak and Robijns for putting this bottle belt system at my disposal to perform this test.



The idea of this article is to provide a brief test, concise and objective.




Camelbak Delaney & Podium Chill Bottle


As always with Camelbak, the quality is impeccable.

Belt seams are well finished. The padding is very comfortable. The side pocket is very convenient to store your car keys, your phone, your energy gels.

Cherry on the cake, a hook in the pocket allows to attach your keys, so you can't accidentally lose them while opening the pocket.

The belt closes with a double adjustment cinch. Just a small problem about that. The strap sometimes tends to become loose with the shaking. I wish that once set to the correct size, it could be blocked to avoid any misadjustment during the race.

The waist belt is pretty low on your hips to maximize stability while running.


Podium Chill bottle is wonderfull.

Jet opening valve prevents any leakage during the transportation or hydration.

Indeed to start hydration, first you must make a quarter-turn cap and then squeeze the bottle so that the valve allows the liquid to flow. Very effective to prevent spilling everywhere while running and drinking.

In addition, the Podium Chill is insulated to keep your beverage at the desired temperature.

Very nice during summer to always have a fresh drink, but also during winter to avoid ending up with a frozen water bottle...


The bootle does not retain odors, even filled with energy drinks that often tend to leave a bad taste in plastics.



In conclusion


Camelbak offers a great combination between a super belt and super bottle.

I've tested many of bottle belt systems and this one is by far the most comfortable to wear for running, mountaineering, skiing or hiking ....