Road Id Bracelet, the bracelet that can save your life.



What is this bracelet all about ?


The idea of the Road Id Bracelet is to contain on a bracelet all the vital information necessary for your identification during an accident. This way, when the rescuers take care of you, they have instantly in their possession the information necessary to treat you such as your name, allergies, date of birth, health problem and the emergency person to contact.





How does it work ?


The first step is to surf on their website Road Id Bracelet to create your own bracelet.

The website offers a very wide choice of textures, colors and plate type.

After you have made your choice between all the possibilities, you fill in the information that you want to appear on your bracelet.

In addition to your health information, you can personalize the faceplate with a small motivational quote to help you finish this last kilometer or push yourself out when it rains cats and dogs and you have to train....

Tip, check the option asking Road ID to verify the accuracy of your data.

They'll check for possible typos, but also if all the information necessary to the rescuers are present on the bracelet.

Then you wait a few days to receive your personalized bracelet at home.



Everyday use


The bracelet comes in a very nice aluminum box.

Once the bracelet is unpacked, you will have to cut it to the right size.

To do this I recommend you to refer to the explanatory video on their web site, very easy and well explained.

The Road Id Bracelet is very light and does not disturb you at all. It is very resistant to corrosion of water and sweat. After a little more than three months of use, no marks of oxidation is present on mine, despite an everyday use.

Even the marks left by the sunscreen are very easy to wash.

 The opening loop deploys to allow the bracelet to be easily put on or removed. Its locking system prevents unwanted opening even during a violent shock. To me, it's very important that the bracelet remains on your wrist in case of accident.


In conclusion


Personally, since I own this Road Id Bracelet, I never go out to train without wearing it.

When I see the number of accidents we have to avoid on a daily basis as a cyclist, the number of cars that brush us during our training sessions, I think it would be stupid to go out without it !

So if you want my opinion, buy one, it may save your life one day....

Another little thing, besides being very friendly, they are also very reactive in terms of after-sales service. My bracelet had a small etching error and they replaced it as soon as possible and with a smile. ;)  See you soon on the road.