I would like to thanks Bollé and Van Der Wal for putting this The One Premium helmet at my disposal to perform this test.


Is the helmet Bollé The One Premium the best of both worlds ?





The One Premium helmet comes in a beautiful red and black sliding box.

Inside the box you'll find the helmet, a mesh carrying case, a Mountain Bike visor, two removable aerial plates, a security lamp and a fleece lined hat.

It's rare to find a helmet with so many accessories at such a price.

The finishes are perfect. The matte black aero plates contrast beautifully with the white color of the helmet. This is really a top of the range helmet.






To suit the largest number, The One is available in three sizes 51-54 cm, 54-58 cm and 58-62 cm

The chinstrap is very easily adjustable, comfortable and washable.

The back of the helmet has a knob that allows you to adjust it closer to the head by simply rotating it.





Every day use


With The One, Bollé offers a multi-season and multi-purpose helmet. Indeed we are not all lucky to live in countries where the sun always shines. And it's sometimes difficult and uncomfortable to ride your hyper ventilated summer helmet in winter with.

With the model The One, you will not have to support those kind annoyances anymore. The helmet has two removable plates, one on the top and one on the back that you can remove with a single clip. It only takes a second.

This way, you'll adapt the ventilation of your helmet according to the external climatic conditions. The hotter you want, the more plates you leave on.

But Bollé does not stop there, The One Premium is also provided with a removable fleece cap that is housed inside the helmet as a lining to ensure maximum heat.

Usually in winter, I put a running cap in my helmet to keep my head warm. But here nothing comparable, this fleece lining is really hot and perfectly adapted to the helmet without making uncomfortable folds.

Bollé also thought of the cyclist's safety by integrating a removable lamp at the back of the helmet. This lamp lights in two modes, continuous or flashing. An excellent idea to maximize our visibility. I would have liked that the lighting of the lamp operates through a button and not in a tactile way to be turned on while with gloves.


In conclusion


I have tested this helmet for more than 3 months in all weathers, the sun, the rain, the wind, the snow and I can tell you that The One Premium is really a great product. It's a very complete, top of the range product at a lower price of what is proposed on the helmet's market.

The look is superb, the finish irreproachable, the ventilation by modularity allows you to use it throughout the whole year.

They even thought to create a compartment on the front of the helmet to securely store your glasses when you do not use them. What more ?


See you soon on the road.