I would like to thanks Camelbak and Robijns for putting this Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill at my disposal to perform this test.


The idea of this article is to provide a brief test, concise and objective.


Camelbak Ultra Handheld Chill the fast, easy and isothermal hydration.



More and more runners are realizing that hydration even for short distances is very important. The Camelbak Ultra Handheld Chill allows you to carry just what you need to get hydrated on an hour session without carrying an hydration bag.






Manufacturing quality


The quality of Camelbak Ultra Handheld Chill is excellent. The rubber bands adhere perfectly to the skin or to the gloves. The mesh is breathable and resistant to abrasions.










The Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill soft flask closes with a classic Camelbak Bite and Sip and a rotary valve. With this combined system, it's impossible to leave the flask open by mistake. It's not necessary to close the flask during training because even if you leave the rotary valve open, the flask does not flow until the top valve is bit. The Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill does not sink, even shaken very hard !

The Ultra Handheld Chill has two pockets. The first one closes with a zip and is sweat resistant, great for storing your phone or your car keys. The second, in mesh, is intended for gels.





Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill is well engineered. It slips on like a glove. The rubber bands allow to wear it exactly as you wish. The inner part of the rubber bands is covered with an anti-slip gel that ensures maximum grip on the hand. It does not slip, even when running on fast pace. It stands alone thanks to its powerful rubber bands. You don't need to tighten it as if you were holding a regular water bottle.

Thanks to the Bite and Sip system, the hydration is done in a vertical way. No need to lift the Camelbak above your head to drink. 


What about weight?


Composed of hyper-light materials, the weight remains very content and as the capacity of the gourd is 50 cl, you quickly forget it.










The maintenance is easy. You can remove the flask from the pouch and clean it without getting the entire pouch wet.


The flask is "Odor Free". It doesn't keep the taste of drinks, even the energizing one.






In conclusion


Cherry on the cake, the Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill is isothermal ! Great for hot weather but also for winter outings.

I was not used to carry a hydration for short runs. But since I tested the Camelbalk Ultra Handheld Chill, I never go out without it.



In conclusion, to try it is to adopt it .....