I would like to thanks Camelbak and Robijns for putting this Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest at my disposal to perform this test.



Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest, the ultralight weight and comfortable hydration system


Camelbak created this Ultra Pro Vest in two goals, long distance training and racing for elite runners.

The materials used are ultralight, breathable and resistant. Luminous accents ensure safety for running in the dark.


The Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest is available in three sizes to fit the rider's body perfectly.




Front Accessory


The Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest has been designed for frontal hydration.

It comes with two flexible flasks. The two flasks feature the Camelbak Easy Sip System with a convenient silicone valve for effortless drinking and spilling.

You will also find pockets to put your gels and a secure pocket for your cell phone.

Not to mention the emergency whistle integrated into the right shoulder strap.





Dorsal Accessory


Even if the Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest is sold without a hydration pocket, a location is provided to accommodate one or other items like for example a rain jacket.










The Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest has been designed to offer maximum comfort to the trailer. Two abdominal straps allow the Pro Vest to be adjusted as close to the body as possible to prevent stray movement during the stroke.

Its composition in 3D Mesh makes it so lightweight that it would almost be forgotten.

Despite its adjustment very close to the body, the breathability remains optimal thanks to the 3D Mesh.

Accessibility to the front pockets is very easy. The pockets for holding the water bottles are closed with a one-handed elastic. It is therefore very easy to tighten and loosen the pocket without wasting time ....


In conclusion


For my part I think that this Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest is intended for runners who already know their hydration and food needs well, both during races and training.

The Ultra Pro Vest will satisfy the most demanding competitors.

The use of frontal water bottles is becoming more and more widespread.

Because the Ultra Pro Vest is supplied with flexible flasks, you can easily, once empty, store them in the back of the bag and use the bottles given to the refueling stands.

You can also replace them from the start with bottle equipped with a straw.

Camelbak offers with this Utra Pro Vest, a radical but complete hydration system, perfect to gain seconds during short and medium trails.


See you soon in the woods.