Thanks to Van Der Wal  who put this VR2 at my disposal for the making of this review.


The idea of this review is to give the reader my feelings about the use of this bike and not to make a technical or scientific analysis.




Felt VR2, the best comfort / performance ratio for an endurance bike?



First Impressions


The Felt VR2 has a great look. The matt black paint reveals the braiding of the UHC Advanced Plus carbon fabric. This apparent braiding is of the most beautiful effect.

The Shimano R785 Di2 Hydraulic disc brakes contribute to the aggressive look of the bike.

The Prologo Scratch 2 Space saddle provides optimum comfort.

The Mavic Ksyrium Elite Disc Allroad Cl 28 black rims are the perfect complement to the bike's look.

The 3T Ergonova Pro handlebar is flattened on the top to improve grip while climbing.

The tape that covers it is reflective, which increases safety if you drive in the dark, well-seen Felt;)

The VR2 is mounted with Shimano Ultegra Di2 with a FSA 46/30 chainwheel.

The manufacturing quality of the frame is awesome. Felt offers once again a very high-end product.



Riding it


As soon as the first turns of pedals, you realize right away that the VR2 is very comfortable. Unbeatable driving comfort, thanks to its frame geometry and a generous pneumatic mounts in 28 which ensures comfort and grip on all types of road.

The steering position is straight enough to spare your back and cervical.

The most surprising about this VR2 is that despite its comfort, it remains nervous and gives you relaunchings worth a race bike.

The hydraulic disc brake is both powerful and very progressive, no unwanted wheel lock. No matter the speed or quality of the road, you know you will stop !

Disassembly of the wheel is easy and is done with an allen key. This system of axle crossing the fork increases the safety in case of accidental loosening of the wheel.

The Shimano Ultegra Di2 derailleur is comfortable, precise and flawless. The battery offers an enormous autonomy of more than 1000 km without recharging. Large enough to carry out your biggest ride without any risk of falling short of battery. A led on the side of the Di2 box allows you to check the battery level at any time.

 The FSA 46/30 crankset allows you to ride anywhere from long flat roads to the biggest climbs without ever being short on teeth.



For whom and for what use?


The Felt VR2 is perfect for cyclists looking for a comfortable and performant bike.

A bike who will accompany you to the end of your longest ride while preserving your back.

But also a bike that will allow you to play around with your little comrades during group ride.





In conclusion


I found the Felt VR2 bluffing as to its ease of piloting and its comfort. Whether on small winding roads, highways, cobblestones It will never let you down.

Hydraulic disc braking represents the future of braking on road bikes, comfortable, progressive and highly secure.

What about Ultegra Di2? Simply a a delight ... In the beginning, the changes are so sweet and pleasant that you change the gear more than you need...

Is the Felt VR2 the future of road bikes?  To believe the new Californian fashion, I would be tempted to say yes.

It is not uncommon to cross Felt VR2 off roading. Thanks to its generous tyre mount and its solid frame, it's quite ready to sustain this kind of ride. The braking is powerful enough and enduring to stop the bike on any type of ground.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a comfortable and nervous road bike, ready to take you to the end of the world, the Felt VR2 is for you!

See you soon on the road ......