The idea of this article is to provide a brief test, concise and objective.


First impressions

The shoe manufacturing quality is very good, workmanship is exemplary.

Salomon lacing is quick, easy and effective. The lace slides well and helps distribute the pressure on the whole foot.

The front of the shoe is protected with rubber, a pledge of strength and durability.

The weight is quite content with 288 gr (excluding clean soles). And even light compared to Asics Nimbus who weights around of 310 grams or Tecnica Inferno that goes up to 325 gr.

The sole is very toothed, built for soft ground.

The look of the shoe is great, very aggressive, especially in their yellow livery.


Daily use

What surprised me the most is the immediate feeling of well being felt in the shoe.

At the first use I already had the impression that they were made at my foot.

Salomon Speed ​​Cross 3 is built for mud and you feel at the first steps on the asphalt. The fifty meters of asphalt separating me from my car to the dirt road were enough to realized it ....

The shoe is narrow and keeps the foot perfectly in place, ideal for runners with narrow feet.

The shoe is light and is quickly forgotten once you run. 

When land becomes muddy, the grip is truly impressive. An excellent traction, you do not even realize how slippery the ground is.

The heel cushioning is generous, but not excessive. To compare it with the Asics Nimbus, benchmark heel cushioning, it is firmer.

The maintain in steep descent that is very good.

The protection against the stones is effective. You will feel safe right away.

Note that a suction phenomenon sometimes occurs when the shoe was deeply embedded in the mud. Is this due to the sole or my shoelaces too loose ?  To see …


For what purpose ?

The use is clearly defined, it will be greasy and muddy ground. As soon as you run on dry and rock a distortion between the grip and the body of the sole is felt and undermines stability.

But again, this shoe is not meant for dry and rocky trails with wide stretches of road.

This is a very typical pair that you will use and abuse during your winter run on soggy trails and believe me they will do the job. 

In conclusion


A great shoe to have in addition of your usual pair of trail and to use for those muddy days...