I would like to thanks Garmin Belux for putting this watch at my disposal to perform this test.


The idea of this article is to provide a brief test, concise and objective.


 Can the Garmin Fenix 5 S do better than the Fenix 3 ? 





Garmin has reduced its packaging with a smaller and compact box, alternating shining pictures of the watch on matte background.

The start-up is done intuitively and easily. However, I would have liked that the Garmin Connect app, offers the option to transfer all data from my old Garmin to the new one, much like we do it with a new smart phone.

The new charging cable connects directly and vertically to the back of the watch. There is no more charging cradle as on the Fenix 3. Disadvantage, it no longer rests flat, but on its edge or on its screen...

Garmin has decided to remove the AC adapter. To recharge the watch, you have to buy one separately or plug the Fenix 5 S on your computer to recharge it. For a watch at 600 €, would that be a little petty ?



Everyday use


What strikes you at the first use of the new Fenix 5S is the fluidity of the menus and the speed with which it passes from one page to another without any delay. Compared to the Fenix 3, there is a such a difference, especially when you get back to the Fenix 3.

The configuration of the menus has been seriously improved and simplified compared to the old Fenix.

For example, moving sports in the preference list is now done in an instant. No need to repeat the step again and again for each sport as it was the case with the Fenix 3.

The contrast and readability of the screen have been improved compared to a Fenix 3. The fonts are sharper and the notifications now support emojis.

The new bracelet fastening system allows them to be exchanged with a simple manipulation, a silicone bracelet for the sport and a metal bracelet for the city.

The volume of the Fenix 5 S compared to the Fenix 3 is very contained. But the counterpart of this loss of volume will be the autonomy of the battery. In sports use, I charge my Fenix 3 every 5 days, for the Fenix 5 S it's every 3 days.




Sport use


Compared to the Fenix 3 HR, I noticed a clear improvement in HR mode accuracy.

The parallel with an HR belt is almost perfect. There are some measurement variations for activities where the arm is very shaken or during a significant sweating. But this problem is inherent with all cardiac measurement systems on the wrist.

I have tested the HR sensor in the shower and even under a large projection of water, it continues to function.

However, if you want to use your Fenix 5 S for sports use, I recommend you to buy a HRM belt. Only the HRM Belt will be able to provide you with your running metrics such as stride length, frequency, time of contact with the ground, oscillation …

If you want to get your pulsations in the pool or in open water, the HRM Tri or Swim belt will be necessary ....

The increased readability of the screen is especially appreciated in sporting use, such as when you run in the woods or swim in open water.

The new Fenix 5 S can now be coupled with both ANT + and Bluetooth accessories, a real plus to maximize the compatibility of all your sensors. (Power meter, cadence, speed, ....)

The Fenix 5 S splits its Trainig Effect score into an Aerobic and Anaerobic. This gives you more precision in the quality of your training in both zones.

The Fenix 5 S also offers two new functions :

The training status which analyzes the productivity of your activities on the basis of the last 7 days.

The training load to avoid being over or under training. 



Fenix 5 ou Fenix 5S ?


Comme évoqué dans l'utilisation au quotidien, la seule différence entre les deux modèles est le volume de la montre. Pas de différence quant aux performances, hormis l'autonomie.

Donc, je serais tenté de dire que les plus petits poignets ou ceux qui veulent une montre à la fois sportive et discrète se tourneront vers la Fenix 5S.

Attention que les amateurs d'Ironman ou d'Ultra trail, risquent d'être court en autonomie sur des courses de plus de 10 h.



In conclusion


Garmin has succeeded once again with the Fenix 5 S to assume its dominance on high-end multifunction watches. The price is not cheap, but it remains in line with those practiced by the other brands.

If you are looking for the best multifunctional watches, do not hesitate anymore and opt for the Fenix 5 S, you will not regret it .....