I would like to thanks Julbo for putting this sunglasses Julbo Aerospeed at my disposal to perform this test.


Sunglasses Julbo Aerospeed Zebra Light Red 



First impressions


The Julbo Aerospeed Zebra light comes in a semi-rigid case and a small soft cloth pocket to protect them from scratches and clean them.

Zebra Light Red lenses are category 1 to 3 photochromic lenses. They surprised me with their clarity. In a dark environment, they are almost completely transparent. Will such clarity be able to protect me efficiently in bright sunlight?

The finish of the Aerospeed is very good. The fit of the frames is perfect. Plastics are soft and pleasant to touch. The branches are covered with a non-slip rubber to keep them in place during sports.

 What about the look? These are glasses developed specifically for a sporting use. It will be quite difficult to wear them for everyday use, they are not build for this purpose ...



 Sports use


The comfort of Julbo Aerospeed is immediate. Thanks to their low weight, you do not have the feeling of having them on your nose.

Non-slip rubber on the branches and nose provides optimal support, even under heavy sweating.

Julbo has integrated on this model the "Air link temple sytem". This system reduces the shock of the branches on the ears during the stride, which increases the wearing comfort. No more glasses bouncing on your face ...

Aerospeed offers a panoramic view without blind spot. This field of vision is a real asset for trail running. First of all, because you will perfectly distinguish the branches that are approaching your face. And if they could not be avoided, the large screen will perfectly protect your eyes during the impact.

Zebra 3 Light Red lenses are photochromic lenses that go from category 1 to 3.

When unpacking the glasses, I was quite worried about their ability to darken. I had already used a lot of photochromic lenses, but I must say that they are particularly effective. Whether you go from a very dark underwood to a full sun, they immediately adapt to ambient light. The Zebra 3 Light Red lenses also increase the relief of the terrain, very useful for trail use.

I did this test during the winter season over a period of three months. They are so nice that I wore them even during my night training with my headlight to protect my eyes from the cold.

Julbo Aerospeed has an anti-fog treatment and good ventilation that minimizes fogging, even when running with a buff on your nose.


In conclusion


Julbo has developed with these Aerospeed Zebra Light Red a pair of sports glasses perfectly adapted to all activities related to running. Whether during your training on the road, during your split sessions on the track, during your trails, it will perfectly and effectively fulfill their protective role.

What about the longevity of Aerospeed ? After three months of intensive use (sun, rain, snow, frost) they are as the first day. The lenses are very scratch resistant and the anti-fog treatment continues to work perfectly.

Zebra Light Red photochromic lenses are really effective in all brightness.

Whether you are looking for glasses to run the Utmb or simply an effective protection for your daily running training, do not hesitate and opt for a pair of Aerospeed Zebra Red Light, you will not be disappointed...


See you soon on the road or in the woods.