I would like to thanks Julbo and Mindshake for putting this sunglasses Julbo Paddle at my disposal to perform this test..


Julbo Cham sunglasses, the mythical mountain glasses.



First impressions


Difficult to cross the Julbo Cham in the street without noticing them. We all have in mind, mountaineers of the last century brandishing their ice ax atop an 8000m summit and proudly wearing the Julbo Cham ....

With the return of the Vintage, Julbo had the good idea to bring out this mythical model.

The construction of the Cham is solid. These are mountain sunglasses ready to face the worst conditions. The frame is metal and the side hulls are ventilated leather.

The comfort is pleasant, despite a weight significantly heavier than a current plastic frame. The lenses are Spectron Type 4 for maximum mountain protection.






Daily use


Wearing the Cham in the city requires a certain commitment from the wearer, you do not risk going unnoticed. But the Vintage is fashionable, with a Hipster look, they will have the most beautiful effect.

Be careful though, that for driving glasses type 4 are too dark ....








Sports use


This is where the Julbo Cham make sense. In a mountain environment, where the incident lights are the most harmful for the eyes, they will offer you optimal protection.

Of course, they will be heavier to wear than current mountain glasses. But it's a small price to pay to adopt the look of the first mountaineers to climb the 8000m, right ?





In conclusion


Julbo had the great idea to bring out one of the mythical models that made them famous.

Whether at the top of a mountain or downtown, the Julbo Cham won't go unnoticed.

Attention to detail, Julbo thought to deliver the sunglasses in a vintage cardboard box similar to the first edition.

So do not deprive yourself of wearing a piece of mountaineering history and as Yannick Seigneur did before you, get a piece of history.... ;)


See you soon on the summits.


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