Thanks to Leki and TCK Sports for putting those Leki Micro Trail Pro poles at my disposal to perform this test.


Leki Micro Trail Pro, did you ask for excellence ?





I have known the brand Leki for many years, I use their ski poles both in competition and in freeride. The brand has forged over the years a high-end reputation with very high quality products. Almost all the alpine ski world cup racers use them .... So when I had the opportunity to test the Micro Trail Pro, I did not hesitate for a second !





First impressions


When opening the package, you immediately realize the quality of the product.

The Leki Micro Trail Pro arrive in a pretty box which contains not only the poles but also a storage bag. Very practical to minimize the bulk in your luggage when traveling.

The sticks are extremely light, entirely made of carbon with a weight of only 195g.

These are 4-strand poles, held together by a self-locking wiring system.

The handle is a patented Trigger Shark 2.0 supplied with the Shark Frame Strap.

But the bottom of the handle also has an extension in cork to allow a greater amplitude of grip in steep terrain.

Please note that these poles are not adjustable in size. You must therefore choose the right size for your body.....


Daily use


The assembly of the Leki Micro Trail Pro is incredibly easy and only lasts a split of a second. You just need to let the segments hang down while holding the handle and then pull the telescopic tube from top to bottom. This will assemble the segments together and lock them in one action.

Disassembly is also simple, just press the small button on the upper tube to release the segments. You just have to fill them and voila.

What about the Trigger Shark 2.0 handle ? Leki has been offering this system on its ski poles for years and I can assure you that trying it is adopting it.

Thanks to the Shark Frame Strap, the handle clips into the small rope bridge located in the hollow of the strap. The stick is released by a single pressure on the top of the handle with the thumb. It's childish in simplicity but so fast and efficient.

The Shark Frame Strap with its large, airy structure provides optimal power transmission without creating a compression point on the hand. Its good ventilation limits sweating.


When you encounter terrain that is too steep to be able to keep the sticks in their maximum length, the extension of the cork handle allows you to lower your hand so that the angle of the elbow remains optimal. And as the strap unclips and clips in a split of a second, this operation can be performed dozens of times without losing seconds.

To maximize the longevity of the sticks, Leki coated the ends of the carbon sections with an aluminum ring. This ring prevents the sections from splitting when they collide, very clever.

The metal spike of the sticks is extremely hard, concave and non-directional to provide support at any angle.

The balancing of the sticks is perfect which ensures an optimal swing.



In conclusion


With the Leki Micro Trail Pro you are playing in the big league. These are very high-end poles, but usable on all your trainings because they retain great versatility.

Their small size and light weight allow you to always have them with you in your hydration pack without even realizing it.

The Shark Frame Strap system is a guarantee of efficiency and above all of comfort of use.

Whether you commit to an ultra, or you are in training they will always be present to relieve your stride.

But beware, after using such poles, it will be difficult for you to use to something else.

A superb success, congats Leki !


See you soon on the trails.