Thanks to New Wave Swim Buoy who put the buoy at my disposal to perform this review. 


New Wave Swim Buoy, your indispensable companion for swimming in open water?





The New Wave Swim Buoy comes in a plastic bag inside which you will find all the necessary instructions for its proper use.

The buoy is made up of two pockets. The first inflates with a rotary valve and ensures the flotation.

The second is waterproof and allows you to house your phone, your car keys, or even energy gels.

The New Wave Swim Buoy comes with a belt to attach it around your waist.





First you place your keys and your phone in the waterproof pocket. You fold the waterproof closure by making 4 folds and then you close it with the quick loop.

Then you open the inflation valve and you blow the air inside the buoy and the trick is played. You just have to fix it around your waist and your are ready to safely swim. 








As soon as you put it in the water, you immediately forgot it ...

The New Wave Swim Buoy ensures excellent visibility for boats or jet ski that could navigate around you.

But the use of the buoy is not limited to visibility. If at any time while swimming, you want to take a break, or if you are suffering from a cramp, you just have to hold on to it. 




In conclusion


The New Wave Swim Buoy is really essential for swimming in open water.

I was always a bit retiring to swim alone in open water. You never know what can happen. Since I have the New Wave Swim Buoy, this apprehension has disappeared. I'm not saying you have to swim alone in the middle of the ocean ! It's always better not to swim alone, but this buoy really has a reassuring effect.

When I take a break, I slip it between my legs to sit on it. The flotation of the buoy is sufficient to keep your head above the water.

In my club, I had the opportunity to see different types of buoy, but the New Wave Swim Buoy with its waterproof pocket is really at the top of the pack.

Moreover, since the two pockets are independent of each other, you can access the waterproof pocket without deflating the buoy, convenient for example to call the rescue while still hanging on your buoy ...

Cherry on the cake, the price is largely competitive compared to the other brands

My advice, buy it before your next open water swim !!!