I would like to thanks Osprey and Mindshake for putting this Mutant 38 at my disposal to perform this test. 


Osprey Mutant 38, the new benchmark for mountaineering bags




First impressions


Directly from the unpacking of the Mutant 38, you immediately notice its small footprint and ultra light weight. We are in the presence of a mountaineering bag planned to accompany you in the most extreme mountain conditions.

The fabric of the bag is in Ripstop construction to limit rips, very convenient for a bag that will be subjected to a lot of rubbing against the rocks.

The accessorizing of the bag is very complete.

A rope holder is used to attach your rope to the head and free volume inside the bag.

Your helmet can also be carried outside of the bag by using the removable helmet holder located in the head of the bag.  Two loops on the sides of the bag make it easy to carry your skis.

They are two ice carrying options that uses the new ToolLock system. This aluminum system, in addition to being very aesthetic and design, can clip and unclip ice axes in a split of a second.

A back pocket is provided to carry an hydration system, not supplied with the bag ;)

The shoulder straps are thin but ultra dense to ensure optimal wearing comfort.

The waist belt is equipped with two loops on each side to attach your carabiners.

The chest strap is equipped with a rescue whistle.

The back of the bag has a removable aluminum plate to give it a preform and maximize the wearing comfort.

The bag is cut narrow enough not to interfere with your difficult passages in the rocks.

The Mutant 38 is sold in two sizes, S / M and M / L, to accommodate the largest number of morphologies.





From the first use, the bag comes directly on the back. His narrowness reassures his ability to sneak into the narrowest rock passages.

Its ultra complete equipment makes the bag easy to organize and manage as efficiently as possible.

The hydration pocket option will save you from having to take your bag off your shoulder every time you're thirsty.....

Its size of 38 liters is perfect for expedition of one, two or even three days in mountaineering, neither too much nor too little.



In conclusion


For this fifth generation, Osprey is still improving its Mutant 38. With its ultra-complete equipment, optimal wearing comfort and light weight, what else could you ask for a mountaineering bag ? A great success from Osprey and a future Must Have ....


See you soon on the summits ...