I would like to thanks Osprey and Mindshake for putting this Rolling Transporter 120 at my disposal to perform this test.


Osprey Rolling Transporter 120, the ideal crossover between a duffel dag and a rolling travel bag.



First impressions


When I received the package that contained the bag by the postman, the box was huge ! After unpacking it, I immediately understood why. The Rolling Transporter is just gigantic with its 120 liters of capacity ! That's exactly what I was looking for, I always have the tendency to pack a lot of material with me. Whether to go on a triathlon or a shooting, my luggage is always full to the rim. With the Rolling Transporter I can stuff everything in one bag, it's so great ....

The principe of Osprey Rolling Transporter bags is to combine the best of both worlds between a duffel bag and a rolling travel bag.

The quality of manufacture, as always with Osprey, is up to expectations, a real high end. The material of the bag is super pleasant to touch and will withstand all possible weather conditions.

The large zipper has a protective flap to further increase its waterproofness.

A retractable handle makes it roll behind you without hitting your legs, clever Osprey ;)

At the base of this handle, a strap allows you to attach a small bag. Super convenient in the airport to carry your computer bag without the risk of dropping it on the ground.

Oversized wheels ensure a smooth ride on any terrain, from smooth airport ground to gravel road.

The interior is composed of a huge compartment equipped with three compression straps. Two mesh compartments are housed in the closure flap.

An outside pocket provides quick access to the things you need most, such as your travel documents or headphones.

A handle is placed on each side of the bag to facilitate the loading in a trunk or to strap it on a donkey …





For it's first travel, I took the Osprey Rolling Transporter 120 bag on a mountain trip.

The filling was a childish simplicity, with so much room, no restrictions except not to exceed the maximum weight allowed by the plane company.

The carrying in the train to the airport was made easy thanks to the 4 handles on each side of the bag. You always have one on hand to catch the bag and throw it in the wagon.

In the airport, the large wheels provide exceptional comfort and driving stability.

Icing on the cake, the bag stands upright. Which means that when you queued at check-in, you do not have to lay the bag down every time the line moves forward to prevent it from falling. You just leave it straight up, so much simpler ...

At the luggage reception, its superb bright blue color makes it easy to spot it from a distance on the treadmill.

Arriving in the mountains, the path that led to our home was a gravel road. No worries, with its large all-terrain wheels and raised ground clearance, it rolls perfectly on all surfaces.

Throughout the stay, its wide opening allowed me to access very easily to my belongings without having to remove everything from the bag.



In conclusion


Osprey offers with this Rolling Transporter 120 an ideal compromise between a duffel bag and a classic rolling travel bag . The capacity and ease of loading of a duffel, without the inconvenience of transport. Try to drag behind you a duffel bag filled to the rim and you'll quickly realize that what is missing are two good wheels.

But with its multiple handles, the Rolling Transporter 120 can also be strapped on the roof of a 4X4 during an expedition. With its strength and resistance to the elements, your belongings will arrive safe and dry ....

With its robust construction, it will resist for years and years of travel, by plane, car, boat. It will follow you everywhere and you will soon not be able to travel without it ....

If the size of 120 liters seems too big, they are two others size, a 90 liters and a 40 liters wich is a carry-on.

In conclusion, the top of the transport bags for modern day adventurers who want to                                                                                                    travel in style.


                                                                                            See you soon on the road ....