I would like to thanks Salomon and MindShake for putting those Salomon Sense Max 2 at my disposal to perform this test. 



 Salomon Sense Max 2, the comfortable and dynamic trail shoe



First impressions


Out of the box, Salomon Sense Max 2 made me a good impression.

Very light in the hand, pleasant to the touch, a beautiful blue colour, a well notched sole but not too much for the road sections.

The lacing system is the Quicklace. The tongue descends on both sides of the shoe to the sole to wrap the foot and optimize the upkeep.

The front protections against the stones are generous.

The thickness of the sole is soothing.

The weight of 285 grams is quite correct for a shoe of this category.

The mesh top allows optimal ventilation of the foot.  The finish and assembly of the shoe are irreproachable, a high-end.

We immediately want to put them on and go running in the middle of nature.




Every day use


What I particularly appreciate about Salomon is that the break-in time of their shoes is reduced to a minimum. From the first strides, we are immediately comfortable inside.

With new shoes, during the first run on sloping terrain, I always remain cautious, but the Sense Max 2 are bluffing from stability.

The cushioning is excellent and gives the knees a maximum protection. But this cushioning does not come at the expense of the dynamism of the shoe. The bounce is really good, they feel like road shoes !

The notching of the sole is a very good compromise between grip and comfort.

Whether in the middle of a scree, a single track or on a road section, it is never faulted, both up and downhill.

What about the Salomon Quicklace lacing system? Some people don't like this system, but personally, I'm a big fan. I like the simplicity and speed it offers, but above all, its reliability. The brambles and the vegetation always end up undoing the classic laces. With the Quicklace system your are done with this kind of inconvenience ...

Some will say that the lacing is too compressed on the foot kick and not well enough distributed. This sensation comes when you pull on the closure system without bothering to spread the tightening on the foot kick. But when it is spread correctly, it's as comfortable as a normal lacing with extra efficiency...

The attachment of the tongue on both sides of the sole provides a very nice slipper effect.

The aeration of the shoe is excellent and limits the over heating of the foot.



For what purpose ?


These Salomon Sense Max 2 will be perfect for your daily training, on medium and long distances thanks to their dynamic bounce.

In the race, you can engage them on long and very long trail thanks to their exceptional cushioning.

No worries for road sections, their versatile notching passes everywhere.




In conclusion


The Salomon Sense Max 2 are excellent trail shoes.

Salomon sometimes has the reputation of offering soles that are too hard, but that's not the case here.

The cushioning is perfect to absorb the inequalities of the ground while maintaining an exceptional bounce.

In conclusion, a real nice trail shoe, a awesome look, a good grip and a great cushioning.


See you soon on the trails ...