I would like to thanks Salomon and MindShake for putting those Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate at my disposal to perform this test. 


Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate, the new benchmark in performance


First impressions


I have had the opportunity in the past to test the Salomon Sonic Ra, a very comfortable, solid and dynamic shoe. Could Solomon do better with these Sonic 3 Accerelerate?

Salomon further developing its road range decided to decline the Sonic in three models, the Confidence with a drop of 10 mm, the Balance with a drop of 8 mm and the Accelerate with a drop of 6 mm.

This Sonic Accelerate therefore aims to be the most edgy shoe in the Sonic range.

And I must admit that as soon as you unpack the shoe, you realize it immediately.

Extremely light, the Salomon Accelerate weighs only 223 grams.

The sole is not oversized but has an appendix called Optivibe at the back of the heel.

The Optivibe is a combination of two foams. The first absorbs vibrations at the heel attack and the other propels you so you don't have the impression of running with chewing gum on your feet ...

The upper of the shoe is made of a breathable mesh to avoid overheating of the foot during long run. The tongue of the shoe incorporates Ortholite technology with a foam containing bio-oil up to 50%. This bio-oil aims to marry the shape of the foot as well as possible and thus maximize comfort.

The axis of the shoe has been designed to optimize the transition to the front and provide a natural stride.

The Sonic 3 Accelerate is available in 4 colors and offers an aggressive yet futuristic look. A great design achievement.

The manufacturing quality is there. The shoe is very well finished.




During the first use, I was a little disturbed by the width of the shoe. Indeed I have an extremely thin foot and I found the shoe a bit wide for me.

Perhaps it would be interesting for runners with narrow feet to opt for the women's model which is a little narrower.

But past that feeling, I was immediately seduced by the Sonic Accelerate.

With its drop of 6mm and its featherweight, you have an extremely dynamic shoe on your feet.

Thanks to this famous foam with two densities Optivibe, the vibrations are attenuated so much that even on half marathon distances you don't feel any knee pain and your stride remains natural and pleasant.



For what purpose ?


The Sonic 3 Accelerate is intended for runners with a good running experience, looking for a shoe that is both dynamic and precise.

But the Sonic 3 Accelerate will be perfectly usable for your daily training thanks to its Optivibe technology. It is not only reserved for competition use !

The cushioning and the attenuation of vibrations will guarantee you painless sessions while its dynamism will be perfect for making good race times.




And if I had to be very picky ?


To be quite frank, two things bothered me about these Sonic 3 Accelerates.

The first is anecdotal and comes from the laces. It's awesome to gain weight at any cost by using ultra light laces, but it would be even better to provide a model which does not come undone while running ......

The second bothered me more. Salomon has integrated two lateral growths in the heel of the Sonic 3 Accelerate which are intended to keep the heel in place during the stride.

These two growths therefore touch both sides of your heel in a place that isn't used to being in friction with the shoe. Result, a slight feeling of discomfort with the formation of small irritations during the first trainings.

Personally, I do not understand the purpose of this innovation. Salomon makes excellent heels on many of its models, especially those on its S-lab range. Why try to reinvent the wheel ? We have taken years to develop a horn on the heel that prevents blisters, it is not to start strengthening another place on the heel ....


In conclusion


With the three versions of its Sonic model, Salomon confirms its position on the road shoe market.

These Sonic 3 Accelerate will fill the most demanding runners looking for a precise, dynamic shoe but not traumatic for the knees and joints.

Their manufacturing quality is impeccable. A very accomplished shoe that you will never leave ...


See you soon on the road ...