I would like to thanks Salomon and MindShake for putting those Salomon RA at my disposal to perform this test. 


Salomon Sonic RA, the road shoe that's both dynamic and comfortable



 First impressions


The Salomon Sonic Ra, despite its oversized sole, immediately gives you a feeling of lightness. With a weight of only 245g, it plays in the category of dynamic shoes.

As always with Salomon, the finish is irreproachable, the shoe is perfectly assembled, no compression point, no seams that reduce comfort.

The tongue is not too thick to prevent the overheating of the foot during prolonged efforts but comfortable enough to be worn over long distances.

The footwear is a medium width which offers a very good foot support, without the need to tighten too strongly laces.

Salomon thought to add on the tip of the toes a light soft and discreet protection … Smart !

The Sonic RA are perfectly ventilated, the feet stay at the right temperature.

The sole is very well notched and can be used on light trail without risk of slipping.

What about the look ? In their yellow version, they slam ... I love the mixture of the oversize sole and the aggressive profile of the top, a great aesthetic success …





From the first strides, I was immediately seduced. Salomon has achieved an excellent compromise between comfort ride and responsiveness of the sole.

With a drop of 8mm between the heel and the tip, we are in the presence of a dynamic shoe without being too extreme. No need to have a perfect stride in toe to have fun with.

The raises are frank and the cushioning is very dynamic.

The lateral stability of the shoe despite the oversize sole is perfect. No risk of twisted ankle caused by an unbalanced slant on inclined road. The asperities of the road are perfectly absorbed by the sole.



For what purpose?


These Salomon Sonic RA are perfect for daily training.

They provide an ideal compromise between comfort and dynamism, while minimizing the risk of injury.

What about a race use ? Why not, if you do not look for a more aggressive drop, they will be dynamic enough to achieve a good lap time, while offering optimum comfort.

They slip on fast enough to be used in triathlon, especially on long distances where their comfort will preserve your knees.



In conclusion


With his Sonic RA, Salomon proves that they do not only manufacture trail's shoes....

With such a quality of manufacture, they will last for a long time.

A very successful shoe, which will minimize the risk of injuries during your daily workouts and maximize your enjoyment throughout your outings ...


See you soon on the road ...