Thanks a lot to Verbier and Mindshake who made this trip possible.



Verbier between luxury, serenity and sportsmanship ......


 First day, discovery of Verbier and its nature


This beautiful adventure begins with a crowded airport, the incessant hubbub of tourists who go on vacation. We are in the middle of July and I aspire to only one thing, jump on the plane that will take me to Geneva.

Arrived, I take a first train to Martigny followed by a small connection to Le Châble.

Accessibility is one of Verbier's strengths!

Our press trip aims to make us discover Verbier, its surroundings and its different facets. Believe me, variety is not missing, far from it ....

For our first night, we will be housed in an authentic Sioux Indian teepee.

Yes, a real tipi in the middle of nature in the "Camping La Fôret des Mélezes".

This campsite is not a campsite as we sometimes fear. Superb places nestled in the middle of nature, everything is clean and orderly. No hordes of kids screaming running around tepees. The bathrooms are sparkling clean. There is even a small towel to put your sink back in its original state after using it and believe me or not, everyone complies …

Each tipi can hold ten people depending on demand. A mosquito net at the top protects you from insects. In short, the return to nature in a wadded luxury!

After having our bags installed we go hiking for the Dam Mauvoisin. Located in the Haut Val de Bagnes Nature Reserve, it is the highest arch dam in Europe.

A pleasant little footpath takes us to a door carved out of the rock opening onto a gallery that winds in the bowels of the dam. At the top, the view is amazing, A 250 m wall on one side and the other a beautiful lake with turquoise water.

After some souvenir photos, it's now time to join the restaurant "La Promenade" campsite to taste a local specialty, the “Croute au fromage”.

Dish made from bread, cheese, vegetables and cold meats, all baked. After this beautiful hike, we will need this to get back in shape for the next day ...



Second day


Wake up gently to birdsong, the night was excellent, the temperature inside the tipi was ideal for a restful sleep.

After breakfast at the camping's restaurant, we take the road to the "Cabane Brunet". This cabin nestled in the meadow will be the scene of our first morning activity, a yoga session.I'm not a big yoga practitioner, my flexibility is closer to a fence pole than a yogi master, but a yoga session in the middle of the pasture with Emilie Thomas from Wholeycow, you can't refuse.....





After this realaxing session, it's now time to discover the secrets of the Sery-Laly pasture and who better to guide us than Marc Maret, the guardian of the pasture .... The flock that grazes there is composed of Hérens cow, fighting cows.


We then have a brunch at the pasture composed exclusively of local products. What give us enough energy for our afternoon activity, a great two-day trek on E Bike.

We will leave Verbier located at 1,500 m of altitude to join the "Cabane Mount Fort" perched at 2,500 m, ie a ride of 1,000 m of elevation gain. This is where the E Bikes come handy. Long time ago, the purist mountain bikers felt that E-bikes were not sports. But now, everyone has understood that this new way of riding has opened a multitude of possibilities.

The Verbier station has also understood and offers many of power outlets placed at strategic locations to easily recharge your bikes .... Switzerland, always a step ahead .....

Our ride begins with a long forest path, then a single-track bifurcation is offered to us. Our MTB guide and ambassador of Verbier, Ludo May invites us to take it.

With its electric power, the E Bike allows you to climb paths that you simply wouldn't be able to borrow on a regular mountain bike, even if your are very fit.







After two hours of climb, the "Cabane Mont fort" is in sight. It is a solid stone house perched on a promontory. For those who are used to the spartan comfort of some refuges, you will appreciate. Everything here is cleanliness, a multitude of rooms, no large dormitories, electrical outlets to charge your E Bikes, toilets galore and icing on the cake, showers.

The evening meal is a classic refuge, a good spaghetti Bolognese enough to energize for the next day.

 It's now time to go to bed, because the night will be short ....


Third day


It's 4 am when the alarm clock rings, just the time to jump in our bike outfit and go for a great descent in the middle of the mountain. We must join the gondola of La Chaux located at 2.260 m. It will take us to the top of Mont Fort at 3,300 m to contemplate the sunrise .... Unfortunately the sun isn't from the party this morning, too bad but the scenery is still fabulous ...

We recover our E Bikes to get to Savoleyres. This will be our starting point for a long and beautiful hike on the mountainside to join the Pierre Avoi.

The final climb is a little more rugged but the view at the top is worth it. It's from there that Geraldine Fasnacht, Wingsuit pilot and ambassador of Verbier, offently jumps.

Before heading back to the resort, the "Croix de Coeur" restaurant invites us to taste another typical dish of Switzerland, Cheese Rostis.

 We then take the E Bikes to go down to Verbier by a long forest path ideal to get some speed and have fun.


It is now time to discover our accommodation for this new night, the hotel "Le Vanessa", a very nice 4-star hotel, equipped with a spa with a superb bubble bath. After these two days of cycling and hiking it's a feels awesome to dive into it ...

But not too long, tonight we have an appointment with Géraldine Fastnacht. She is going to present us her new film called “My Playground”.

 The meeting takes place at the restaurant "Vie Montagne" a trendy place with refined food, Géraldine shares with us in all simplicity his love for the mountains, nature and Verbier.





Fourth day


After a copious breakfast, it's time to go to the Laiterie de Verbier.

This morning we will learn, assisted by a Master Cheese maker, to make a cheese.

It is now time for us to head back to Geneva. Verbier offers such a multitude of activities that it's impossible to do them all in a few days. But one thing is sure, the warm welcome that Verbier offers you will largely meet your expectations. Between luxury and pleasure without ever being bling bling, Verbier will delight the most demanding and satisfy the most athletic. So for your next vacation, don't hesitate and go visit it ....


Thank you for your reading and see you soon for other adventures ...