I would like to thanks X-BIONIC for putting those clothing Race Evo at my disposal for this test.


The idea of this article is to provide the reader a easy reading, brief and concise test.



X-Bionic Race Evo the new high-end in bike clothing ?


In recent years, X-Bionic has constantly innovated in its products and has offered us the best in high-tech clothing.

Is this the case with this new Race Evo outfit?

I use a Twyce outfit for more than a year now, I still find it as extraordinary as on the first day. Can the Race Evo match or overtake the Twyce ? Read more to find out....







X-bionic remains faithful to its high-end tradition. The Race Evo outfit is sold in two separate boxes, one for the bib shorts and the other for the shirt. The boxes open laterally to reveal a triptych detailing all the technologies used in Race Evo outfits. The outfit is carefully packed in the central compartment. I do not know any other brand of sportswear that attaches as much importance to packaging as X-Bionic!

The seal of authenticity ensures that your outfit is an original and there is a two year warranty.




First time on


I was a bit confused when I first tried the Race Evo compared to the Twyce.  Indeed the Race Evo shirt offers a compression of level "Low" while the Twyce is of level "High". But the size remains the same, I take medium in Race Evo as in Twyce.

For the bib shorts, the Race Evo is in compression "Medium" while the bib shorts Twyce is in compression "High". The compression difference felts less than on the shirt.

I would be tempted to say that for someone who is not used to compression clothes or who does not like rolling in compressive clothing, the Race Evo will feel more comfortable.  The material of the Race Evo is a little lighter than the Twyce but do not think that the quality is lower.

The shirt has three back pockets. They are big enough to accommodate everything you will need for your outings. They also remain tight when they are empty, which I appreciate very much.  The seams are perfect, the finish faultless, as it should be for a high-end outfit.



 Everyday use


I had the pleasure of testing the Race Evo in very varied environments, under the heat, in the Belgian rain and to top it off in the mountains.

I found the Race Evo extremely well thermo regulated, especially in high heat. I can assure you that when you climb the Alpes d'Huez under 30 degrees celsius, your outfit better be well ventilated.

What's fantastic with the intelligent regulation of the Evo Race is that when you start climbing under 30 degrees the outfit evacuates to the maximum excess heat. But when you get to the top of the climb, the wind appears and the temperature drops to 20 degrees celcius, the Race Evo protects you from shivering. Even when descending, after abundant sweating, the thermal regulation of the Race Evo works wonderfully and avoids the unpleasant feeling of cold that cyclist know so well.

The Race Evo short is very comfortable, the padding perfectly absorbs the pressure of the saddle without being too thick.

The resistance to washing of the Race Evo is perfect, after 4 months of intensive use, no signs of wear and tear ...


In conclusion


X-Bionic developed with the Evo race a very high-end bike outfit with an amazing look. Sensitively lighter and less compressive than the Twyce model, it will delight the cyclists who do not like to feel compressed while offering them the same technological advantages and without floating in the wind.

Of course you will tell me that the price is high for a bike outfit. But it's like comparing a high-end carbon bike and an aluminum bike, the two are riding but not the same way .....


See you soon on the road .... 


The Race Evo keeps you cool, like riding under a water fall...