I would like to thanks Leatherman and Homeij for putting this Leatherman Free P4 at my disposal to perform this test.


 Leatherman Free P4, a revolution in the world of Multitools ?





The Leatherman Free P4 will be available for sale by the end of April 2019. First through the website of Leatherman and through conventional stores during August 2019.

 This review is a first take on hands. I was very lucky to have it for a few days and I did not have the time to do a long-term review as I usually do.






 First impressions


At first sight, the Free P4 looks like another Leatherman, except for its embossed handles, no real visual differences with a traditional model of the brand.

But as soon as you grab it and open it up, it radically changes.

For the first time Leatherman incorporates a magnetic opening in a multitools.

Once the two handles separated from their magnets, the mechanism that holds them is totally free of friction ....

What's the benefit of it ? This friction free mechanism allows you to open the Free P4 with one hand !

Imagine, you are tinkering in the engine of your car and you need a pliers. You grab your Free P4 in your pocket and open it with one hand without having to let go the bolt you were desperately holding.... How convenient is that ?

In addition to this magnetic opening, Leatherman has also integrated a new engagement system for the pliers of the Free P4. No need to push hard to secure the handles. The pliers snaps into a reassuring click. This system has been tested more than a million times by Leatherman and without breaking, whe can admit that it's resistant....

But the magnetic system isn't only for the pliers. The tools located on both sides of the handles also open magnetically by a simple thumb pressure on the top ...

Regarding the opening of the blades, Leatherman has retained a traditional lateral exterior opening. No need to open the Free P4 to open the blades.

If you are right-handed, you take out the straight blade with one hand and you are left-handed you open the serrated blade. On the opposite sides, the saw and the scissors are also accessible with one hand.



Composition of Free P4


A straight blade accessible without having to open the Free P4

A serrated blade accessible without having to open the Free P4

A saw accessible without having to open the Free P4

A pair of scissors accessible without having to open the Free P4

Full size pliers with replaceable cutting blades

A can opener

Three flat screwdrivers

A file

                                                                                             A Phillips screwdriver



In conclusion


Leatherman offers with this new Free P4 a true worldwide innovation.

This easy magnetic opening of the tools makes the Free P4 really pleasant for an every day use.

But this innovation does not reduce the legendary quality of the manufacturer, the guarantee remains as always fo 25 years ....

 My advice, hurry up if you want to become the proud owner of a Leatherman Free P4, the demand will be so important that it will not be easy to get one ...;)