Thanks to Leatherman and HomBel who have put the Tread Metric at my disposal for this test.


Leatherman Tread Metric, the European evolution of the first Every Day Carry Multi tools bracelet


Having previously tested the Leatherman Tread, this review will be a comparison between the Tread and the Tread Metric. I invite you to read the detailed review of the Tread here.


 Tread or Tread Metric what are the differences ?


The Tread is a multitool bracelet extremely well build, very complete and comfortable to wear. But for european users used to the metric system, some meshes are more difficult to use. The vast majority of bolts and nuts found in Europe are not compatible with the original Tread.

When you buy a regular Leatherman multitools, you have no or only a few keys intended for bolts and nuts. While on the Tread almost every mesh has a wrench.

Leatherman realized the problem and found it damaging to deprive European customers of being able to use a big part of the wrenchs that compose the Tread bracelet.

This is why the Tread Metric was created. It's great to see that a large American company such as Leatherman, cares about its European customers....

Apart from the metric difference of the wrenchs, the Tread Metric remains identical to the Tread. The manufacturing quality is great. The Tread Metric, despite a large volume, remains very pleasant to wear. The tools located on the outside of the mesh are slightly curved inwards to avoid any friction with the skin. The length of the Tread Metric is fully customizable. Each mesh can be either removed or moved. This allows you to adjust it perfectly to your wrist and also choose the layout of the tools.

What about the look ? Simply irresistible, but not for the shy ... It does't happen a day without being asked a question about it.

And don't forget, the Tread Metric, as the Tread is Airport Friendly. You can take it everywhere with you !



Tread Metric or Tread, which one to choose ?


If you mainly live in Europe and do not work daily with tools outside of the metric system, I can only recommend you to choose the Tread Metric. 







In conclusion


As before with the Tread, Leatherman surprised us again with a very nice adaptation of the Tread to the European metric system. Manufacturing quality of the bracelet is irreproachable, the look awesome and the guarantee of 25 years a guaranty of security.

Whether you're an athlete, a cameraman, a photographer, a skier or a Outdoor's fan, here's a great tool that will get you out of every situation !