Thanks to Silva and Homeij who for putting the Silva Acces 25WP at my disposal to perform this test.  


Silva Access 25 WP, the Dry Bag reinvented by Silva 



First impressions


The Silva Access 25 WP was build to transport your belongings away from water and bad weather. It is made of TPU, ie Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This material, completely waterproof, offers a very important resistance to abrasion. The touch is rubbery and pleasant. The seams have been heat sealed to ensure a complete seal waterproofing.

The Silva Access 25 WP is composed of a large inner compartment and a small quick access pocket on the outside, not waterproof but resistant to splashing.

The carrying straps and the back of the bag are covered with mesh to ensure optimal wearing comfort and a good ventilation. A sternum strap and a large abdominal strap keep the bag in position.

To maximize visibility during night rides, Silva has affixed reflective tape on the harness and on the back of the bag. A little loop allows to attach a flashing led lamp.

Inside the bag, you will find two pockets, a small closing one with a zip and a large mesh pocket that can hold a laptop.

An identity pocket is placed on the left outer side.

Two side straps have also been provided to attach accessories, such as a bicycle helmet.

The closure of the main compartment of the Dry Bag is done by means of a Roll Top. To close it, simply roll the opening on itself with a minimum of 3 turns, then attach the two ends of the quick buckles located on the sides of the bag and voila...




Everyday Use


The Roll Top closure system of the Dry Bag is not the fastest system to close a backpack, but it has been proven to be the most waterproof one. Once the three rolls are completed, the bag is ready to face the worst weather conditions that can be found while ensuring maximum weatherproofing.

The padding of the carrying harness and back are very thick to ensure maximum wearing comfort even when the bag is heavily loaded. Thanks to its large abdominal strap and sternum strap, the bag remains perfectly in place.

The volume of Silva Access 25 WP is 25 liters, an ideal volume for everyday use, neither too much nor too little.

The Silva Access 25 WP is built to last and is highly resistant to intensive daily use.

Its inner mesh pocket allows you to carry securely a laptop.

Be careful though, this is a waterproof bag, not a padded bag. Which means that your equipment will be protected from water but not from shocks. It's up to you to protect your fragile belongings inside ....

The small, splashproof, exterior pocket is very convenient for housing your small items that require quick access, such as your id badge.

Reflective areas have been strategically placed to maximize a 360-degree visibility.

But what surprised me most in the Silva Access 25 WP is its small volume when it is empty. The bag flattens completely and only the back padding causes a slight thickness. With such a small volume it's very easy to carry it empty in your luggage during your travels to always have it whenever needed.



For whom and what use ?


The Silva Access 25 WP will be the perfect companion for cyclists, messengers, hikers and athletes who are not afraid to go out when it rains. If you travel by bike, you know how complicated it is to keep your gear dry.

With the Silva Access 25 WP you no longer need to stop to cover the bag with a rain cover during a heavy shower. And if in you ride on a bike without mudguard, no more worries to you for splashing water.

But the Silva Access 25 WP is not limited to urban use, thanks to its carrying comfort it will also be the ideal companion of your engaged and wet sports outings such as kayaking, canyoning, hiking and others ....


In conclusion


Silva revisits the Dry Bag by adding all its Swedish know-how. No more inconvenient Dry Bag with low carrying comfort...

Its robust TPU construction will ensure years of intensive use.

And if you think that waterproof closure is to restrictive for your for everyday use, thanks to its two side buckles, nothing forces you to sealed it every time you close it ! You can just close it like a flap. So when the sun is at zenith no need to roll the closure every time ;)