I would like to thanks Leatherman and HomBel for putting this bracelet at my disposal to perform this test.


Leatherman Tread LT, the second generation of Multi Tools Everyday Carry bracelet



First impressions


The packaging of the Tread LT is like for the first generation of Tread bracelets, very well finished. The design is sober and good looking.

The box is now white. I find it even more beautiful than black.

With this Tread LT, Leatherman has thought of small wrists by offering a bracelet narrower and less imposing than the Tread or Tread Metric.

But make no mistake, the fact that the Tread LT is smaller does not take away the tools. It's just the width that is diminished !

Like the Tread, the Tread LT adjusts with the meshes you decide to remove or hold. All the meshes being identical, all you have to do is choose the ones that are most useful to you. There is also an half size mesh for a more precise fit.

Once adjusted to the size of the wrist, the Tread LT is immediately comfortable to wear. As long as you are used to wearing a metal watch, it will be forgotten in a few minutes.

Thanks to the articulation of each mesh, the bracelet doesn't interfere in the movements of the wrist and the mesh don't tear your wrist hair apart.

The quality build is irreproachable as always with Leatherman.

For my part, I love the black finish of the Tread LT. It has a really Bad Ass look.Pour ma part, j'adore la finition noir du Tread LT. Il a un look vraiment Bad Ass.



 Everyday Use


Having a very thin wrist, the LT is even more comfortable to wear for me than the regular Tread.

Inward bending of the bracelet's mesh allows the Tread LT to not cling to clothes or skin.

The closure buckle is well finished and very precise. Once closed, the bracelet never opens involuntarily.

 Like its big brother, the Tread LT is Airport Friendly which allows you to take it everywhere and even in the plane.



 Use of the bracelet as a Multi Tools


The decrease of meshes width does not reduce the effectiveness of the bracelet compared to the Tread. The bracelet, once in the palm of your hand stiffens and becomes a powerful and safe tool.

All the stitches work very well and the range of tools they offer is really wide.






For whom and for what use?


The Tread is intended for anyone looking for a functional bracelet, innovative and with a killer look. It will not replace your good old Multi Tools, but it will complete it and could get you out of trouble....






In conclusion


When Leatherman arrived on the market with the first Tread bracelet, many people thought it was a gadget. But this bracelet has been able to position itself in the world of Multi Tools and create its own place.

Leatherman has listened to the remarks and has developed this Tread LT version to fit the thinner morphologies, without reducing the effectiveness of the bracelet.

The manufacturing quality of the bracelet remains irreproachable and its look improved. I find the lines more fluid, which increases even more its EDC ability.

The 25-year guarantee, as always with Leathermann, is a guarantee of quality regarding the life of your bracelet. This is not a fancy bracelet, but a real Multi Tools. The ideal complement to your EDC set ....



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